- Zo and Shama

Royal Interior Design Ltd.

Sorry it has taken me a while but I was busy AND more importantly I really wanted to ensure that I was able think through what I wanted to say and to articulate it well.

First off I want to say a HUGE thank you. You and your team have done an amazing job on our home. You went far above what we had imagined it would look like. Design is definitely your calling.

Looking back - two years ago our home was just a dream in our minds eye. We started the build in the middle of 2014 and met you in early 2015. I still remember the day we met and the day (in the middle of a very cold winter) that you arrived at our house while we were still in the middle of building. You had come by to have a look and start to plan how you could help us.

As the house was getting close to done, we were overwhelmed. We had to select paint colours, lighting fixtures and tiles – and because this was our dream home, we didn’t want to mess it up. Shama called you and you stepped in right away. It was amazing that after just a few conversations you were able to understand what we were looking for – you had manage to capture our vision in your minds eye. Within just a couple of days you helped us choose all the lights, paints and tiles. Honestly – at that time I wasn’t able to see what you saw but I trusted you.

A few months later our house build was complete. However we had no furniture or décor. It didn’t matter though. The place looked amazing. We received so many complements on our colours, fixtures and tiles. It was exactly what we wanted and it all flowed so perfectly. Catherine I don’t know how you did it but you nailed it.

However, as beautiful as the house was, it was not yet a home. Once again, the prospect of trying to figure out how to furnish and decorate our house was overwhelming. We knew how we wanted it to look but had no idea how to create it – so once again we called you. You may or may not know it but the day we sat down in your office to select colours, patterns, furniture etc… I completely put my faith in you. You had earned my trust based on the fantastic work you had done. I knew that you understood our vision and that whatever you selected would look amazing. And it is!

Shama, the kids and me were so excited on the day of the staging. We couldn’t wait to see what you would do.

Unfortunately I was not able to get home before you left. However, when I did get home, the energy in our house was electric – the kids and shama were buzzing and had huge smiles on their faces. I knew it was going to be good. The kids covered my eyes and walked me into the house and when they “un-blinded" me I could not believe what I saw. Our house looked and felt like a home – but not just any home. Like the home we’d dreamed of when we started this process 2 years earlier. Except for one thing - it was even better than we’d imagined. It looked like a show home.

Catherine, it was clear that you had a vision all along but that you had really listened to us when you formulated the vision. You created it so that it fit exactly who we are and what we wanted. There were so many thoughtful details – including the letter “Z” in the office :). Our front room, kitchen and dining area flow together exactly how we wanted them to, the harvest table is what I’d always in my minds eye in the dining room, the office is now a place I can go to work and feel comfortable and most importantly Ama’s room is magic. Its a room any young lady would love to have – and its all ours. I still walk around looking at the details and see things I didn’t see the first time. We love it.

We are so proud of our home now – it is warm and rustic with hints of modern (just the way we wanted it). It looks ready to feature in a magazine. We can’t thank you enough for turning out house into a home and bringing our vision to life.
Thanks also to your fantastic team – Sabrina certainly keep things organized and also has a creative flair AND Marcus is a master of carpentry.

We are looking forward to working with you more in the coming months!