- Anu

Royal Interior Design Ltd.

Our story: A twist on “Love it or List It” ….After a holiday season of hearing me complaining about my non-functional, dark kitchen, 2014 began with my husband proposing a renovation which included tearing down walls. I was against this and asked him (who’s a real estate agent) to consider me as his client and find us a new home- there was no way I was doing renos. After 3 months of searching, we were very lucky to be a part of our friend’s beautiful family room transformation “Reveal”, by Catherine, and I was now sold on Renos!!! Catherine was booked for a counsel that following week, and the rest is history. Catherine’s initial consult, suggestions, and even a few referrals paved the road for our journey. Despite having already committed to her, she was persistent in following up on our research and where we were along the timelines, and if we needed further help with that research. By mid-June, all parties were confirmed, and Catherine even requested that she meet everyone, so the collaboration remain seamless. Our project (pretty much the entire main floor) from start to finish was 5 months, and Catherine was 100% part of the whole journey. This even included a full day of tile/granite/light shopping (with baby in tow). We grew to rely quite heavily on her input for changes, or reno “panic” scenarios, and many, many picture/text messages for time dependent decisions/opinions. Catherine was never a cause for concern w.r.t. timing, and furthermore, motivated us to push our contractors along! When her turn was up last week, she was completely ready to deliver on our “Reveal ”. All we can say is WOW! Everyone who has walked through our doors has been speechless with the transformation…our contractors created the foundation, and Catherine transformed it into model home material, but still totally functional for day to day living for our family of 5. Sam and I would agree that she really invested the time in the beginning to understand our needs, she was extremely patient with our decision making process, and her suggestions were always based on what we wanted and what we were envisioning- she actually reminded us of our “wish list budget” and that we were “scope creeping”. She was mindful of our personal style, our entertaining wish list, our pursuit for more sunlight, and our household of 3 children! Needless to say Catherine, it’s definitely not getting “LISTED”…We “LOVE IT”, and it’s a keeper! Until our next decorating project- Thank you!