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    Catherine is a design GODDESS!! She is warm and lovely to work with, efficient, effective and most of all…she is pure pure talent. I am quite particular about aesthetics, and she put things together I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams. We hired Catherine to complete our ground floor which included finishing a half done (and 2 years in the making) family room, complete design of our dining room (less the table we already had), the hallways, powder room and front entrance. She also designed our master retreat. Catherine is worth her weight in GOLD and everyone that enters the house simply can not stop talking about how it looks like “a model home”, “better than a model home”, “the best dining room they have ever seen” and “right out of a magazine”. We are so grateful to have found Catherine and beyond pleased with her work. To boot, not only is she good, but she is FAST!! It’s almost mind boggling how she multi tasks and gets it done. Other decorators we had contacted and even tried out use a painfully slow system and their piecemeal method simply didn’t work. Catherine set an ambitious timeline and then put it all together in one shot when all the pieces were in. She kicked us out one morning (with love) and called us back that afternoon. Our house was TRANSFORMED. Being a family with a baby and toddler, it was a DREAM. And quite simply there is absolutely no way we could have done what she did. If you want your house to be transformed into stunning, warm home….stop looking and just call Catherine. It’s been 3 months since the reveal and we are still walking around the house in complete AWE. Thank you, thank you Catherine! It means so much for us to be able to create wonderful memories in our home with our family and you’ve given us the most gorgeous backdrop for this. God bless!!
    Next project with Catherine: the basement!

    - Radhika Lakhani
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    Sorry it has taken me a while but I was busy AND more importantly I really wanted to ensure that I was able think through what I wanted to say and to articulate it well.

    First off I want to say a HUGE thank you. You and your team have done an amazing job on our home. You went far above what we had imagined it would look like. Design is definitely your calling.

    Looking back - two years ago our home was just a dream in our minds eye. We started the build in the middle of 2014 and met you in early 2015. I still remember the day we met and the day (in the middle of a very cold winter) that you arrived at our house while we were still in the middle of building. You had come by to have a look and start to plan how you could help us.

    As the house was getting close to done, we were overwhelmed. We had to select paint colours, lighting fixtures and tiles – and because this was our dream home, we didn’t want to mess it up. Shama called you and you stepped in right away. It was amazing that after just a few conversations you were able to understand what we were looking for – you had manage to capture our vision in your minds eye. Within just a couple of days you helped us choose all the lights, paints and tiles. Honestly – at that time I wasn’t able to see what you saw but I trusted you.

    A few months later our house build was complete. However we had no furniture or décor. It didn’t matter though. The place looked amazing. We received so many complements on our colours, fixtures and tiles. It was exactly what we wanted and it all flowed so perfectly. Catherine I don’t know how you did it but you nailed it.

    However, as beautiful as the house was, it was not yet a home. Once again, the prospect of trying to figure out how to furnish and decorate our house was overwhelming. We knew how we wanted it to look but had no idea how to create it – so once again we called you. You may or may not know it but the day we sat down in your office to select colours, patterns, furniture etc… I completely put my faith in you. You had earned my trust based on the fantastic work you had done. I knew that you understood our vision and that whatever you selected would look amazing. And it is!

    Shama, the kids and me were so excited on the day of the staging. We couldn’t wait to see what you would do.

    Unfortunately I was not able to get home before you left. However, when I did get home, the energy in our house was electric – the kids and shama were buzzing and had huge smiles on their faces. I knew it was going to be good. The kids covered my eyes and walked me into the house and when they “un-blinded" me I could not believe what I saw. Our house looked and felt like a home – but not just any home. Like the home we’d dreamed of when we started this process 2 years earlier. Except for one thing - it was even better than we’d imagined. It looked like a show home.

    Catherine, it was clear that you had a vision all along but that you had really listened to us when you formulated the vision. You created it so that it fit exactly who we are and what we wanted. There were so many thoughtful details – including the letter “Z” in the office :). Our front room, kitchen and dining area flow together exactly how we wanted them to, the harvest table is what I’d always in my minds eye in the dining room, the office is now a place I can go to work and feel comfortable and most importantly Ama’s room is magic. Its a room any young lady would love to have – and its all ours. I still walk around looking at the details and see things I didn’t see the first time. We love it.

    We are so proud of our home now – it is warm and rustic with hints of modern (just the way we wanted it). It looks ready to feature in a magazine. We can’t thank you enough for turning out house into a home and bringing our vision to life.
    Thanks also to your fantastic team – Sabrina certainly keep things organized and also has a creative flair AND Marcus is a master of carpentry.

    We are looking forward to working with you more in the coming months!

    - Zo and Shama
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    Over the last two years we renovated our home however something was still missing. I met with Catherine and she immediately understood my vision for the home as well as how we needed the space to function for our family of five. She put her touch on every room in the house (many rooms she completely changed out all the furniture, custom sofa, great lighting, built in wall unit etc) other rooms she just added in accessories and an area rug giving the space a modern fresh vibe. Catherine has incredible vision and is so driven and passionate about every project she takes on. I look forward to working with her again soon when she renovates our home office, hall and staircase.

    - Sarah Hull
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    Our story: A twist on “Love it or List It” ….After a holiday season of hearing me complaining about my non-functional, dark kitchen, 2014 began with my husband proposing a renovation which included tearing down walls. I was against this and asked him (who’s a real estate agent) to consider me as his client and find us a new home- there was no way I was doing renos. After 3 months of searching, we were very lucky to be a part of our friend’s beautiful family room transformation “Reveal”, by Catherine, and I was now sold on Renos!!! Catherine was booked for a counsel that following week, and the rest is history. Catherine’s initial consult, suggestions, and even a few referrals paved the road for our journey. Despite having already committed to her, she was persistent in following up on our research and where we were along the timelines, and if we needed further help with that research. By mid-June, all parties were confirmed, and Catherine even requested that she meet everyone, so the collaboration remain seamless. Our project (pretty much the entire main floor) from start to finish was 5 months, and Catherine was 100% part of the whole journey. This even included a full day of tile/granite/light shopping (with baby in tow). We grew to rely quite heavily on her input for changes, or reno “panic” scenarios, and many, many picture/text messages for time dependent decisions/opinions. Catherine was never a cause for concern w.r.t. timing, and furthermore, motivated us to push our contractors along! When her turn was up last week, she was completely ready to deliver on our “Reveal ”. All we can say is WOW! Everyone who has walked through our doors has been speechless with the transformation…our contractors created the foundation, and Catherine transformed it into model home material, but still totally functional for day to day living for our family of 5. Sam and I would agree that she really invested the time in the beginning to understand our needs, she was extremely patient with our decision making process, and her suggestions were always based on what we wanted and what we were envisioning- she actually reminded us of our “wish list budget” and that we were “scope creeping”. She was mindful of our personal style, our entertaining wish list, our pursuit for more sunlight, and our household of 3 children! Needless to say Catherine, it’s definitely not getting “LISTED”…We “LOVE IT”, and it’s a keeper! Until our next decorating project- Thank you!

    - Anu
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    Catherine did a wonderful job designing our new open concept dining/kitchen space. Her ability to bring colour and texture together to fulfill her client's vision is amazing. The guidance and expertise she provided during the renovation and remodelling process was priceless - she was a definite asset to our project.

    - Jordana and Stephen Moore
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    We hired Catherine to decorate our new home as it was being built. We wanted our "dream home" to be elegant yet informal. Catherine had amazing ideas. She worked hard to understand our needs and capture our vision for a home that was warm, inviting and comfortable. She added special touches that personalized the space and made it truly feel like home. We still have a sense of awe when we walk in the door - we never thought we'd ever live in a house this beautiful! Catherine has truly made it a dream home for us! If you are looking for someone to transform your space who is personable, budget conscious, creative and fun to work with at a very reasonable cost, we highly recommend Catherine.

    - Brad & Leah Watons
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    Oh my goodness I am shocked you did all this so quickly ! THANK YOU sooo much Catherine. I have 20 ladies coming over on Saturday and I am sure this will make a HUGE impact! Your service has always been wonderful. When all is said and done, the house is fantastic! Everyone that has come over so far has commented on the quality of the work. A great deal of the work that people see is what you do and EVERYONE loves it. I am pretty sure that you will get a call that will come from one of our friends.

    - Sofia Tsakos
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    Catherine is a true professional who is a pleasure to work with. She introduced beautifully created custom curtains and accessories throughout, that have transformed our home into a functional and professionally designed living space. I highly recommend Catherine for a consultation.

    - David & Jackie Owens
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    After all of the time we spent with Catherine picking colours and furniture and the many discussions we had regarding layouts and ideas for our bedroom, we were excited when the furniture first arrived and was set up in our room.

    - Richard & Karen Bicknell
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    Thank you so much Catherine, as you know it has been a real pleasure and a wonderful experience to work with you with our condo and sale of our home.

    Charlotte feels exactly the same way. You are very gifted and you have made a big impression on us. Also had a nice communication with Marcus. He is a wonderful person and the two of you make a truly awesome team.

    We will keep in touch and in time to come I will need you at my farm property to give me some advice on how to jazz up the place, so-to-speak.

    - Edward and Charlotte Steger
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    I can never tell you how grateful I am for the amazing transformation you managed to create. I will be forever grateful. I will call for the next project as soon as soon as possible. I will also get the names and phone numbers of all our interested relatives as soon as I can. You have given us a beautiful home that I enjoy staying in and living in. As we walk around we still cant believe it is the same house.

    - Maybritt & Kairas Sethna
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    Linda and Allen Fleishman We could never have imagined the magnificent transformation that would take place in our master bedroom and ensuite. Upon meeting Catherine we trusted her completely with our dream and she did not disappoint. The colours, tiles, fabrics and light fixtures she chose are elegant and relaxing. The workmanship is excellent. She even thought of our puppies by covering their beds and creating a blanket in a fabric to match the room! The bathroom has the feel of a world class Spa! So relaxing and designed in a way that is a far more practical use of space than before. We absolutely love this bathroom now! Thank you Catherine for your amazing talent, respect for our needs, and staying within our budget.

    - Linda & Allen Fleishman
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    Catherine is a wonderful designer. She has an eye for great pieces and if she can't find them she has them made. We get endless comments on how beautiful our new home is and this is all thanks to Catherine. She designed it all. Lights, paint, backsplash, furniture. My wife and I love our home and we recommend Catherine to everybody. Whether its a new build or you are looking to update your current place, she will leave you smiling for months after you see and live in her work. Hiring Catherine will be one of the best investments you ever make. Have fun!

    - Shane & Cabrina Skillen
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    I can’t say enough wonderful things about Catherine’s work on my 1 bedroom condo. Each room is uniquely beautiful on its own and still flows together, my dining room looks straight out of a designer magazine! The living room & bedroom are gorgeous and I was glad she was able to work with the challenge of my existing furniture so well. I was pleasantly surprised at Catherine’s ability to quickly determine my style and put together a young, funky, harmonious look. It is perfect for entertaining and I love coming home to it each day! It was definitely a treat and I’m glad I had her take all the guesswork out of it for me. The experience was a breeze from start to finish. She is professional, efficient, has amazing style, makes the best use of space and pays attn to detail. Thanks again!

    - Shari Surapareni
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    Catherine, thank you for the work you and Marcus did at our home! I really appreciated you working with my personality (someone who likes control) to make this project a success. Everyone loves the change and Ginny and I love our new space. I also really appreciated that you guys did this in 5 days while we were out of the country! Very impressive! Your dedication to your passion is inspiring! Thanks again!

    - Amar Singh
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    Catherine-Lucie, thank you very much -- you have been absolutely wonderful!

    Todd and I are ecstatic with the results! I have been visiting the Living Room and Dining Room everyday and it always leaves me breathless! Your vision, style and attention to detail, have left us with 2 beautiful and luxurious formal rooms that we are proud to show off!

    Thank you for your professionalism and service, we will be recommending you to our friends!

    - Emily & Todd
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    Catherine has transformed one of my luxury home listings recently and the results were stellar. She worked tirelessly with her team until the last detail was completed. I enjoy working with people who go above and beyond expectations, and she has certainly proved to be one of those rare individuals. Thank you Catherine for all your hard work.

    - Andrea Hanak
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    We are very appreciative to Catherine of Royal Interior Designs for her expert advice and co-ordination of our renovations. Her sense of style, energy, her vision of the final creation, elegance and punctuality made our renovation project a success. Catherine’s accessibility and communication skills make working with her extremely easy and fun. We highly recommend her services to everyone who wants their designing projects to be completed with passion, style and on time.

    - Irina and James Fishman
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    Catherine, we want to thank you SOOOO much for turning our house into a model home! I seriously can't thank you enough for everything you did!! Everyone who has seen the house has just been in awe!!! Simply breathtaking.

    - Adrienne Jackson
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    We can not say enough good things about the creativity and talent of Catherine-Lucie Horber and Royal Interior Design. We had an unexpected move and a short 5 week closing. The new house needed lots of new furniture and we wanted a whole new look from our old home. We have two young children and were in the process of packing and moving - the thought of decorating and buying new furniture was so stressful! Thankfully we were introduced to Catherine. She made the whole process so easy and enjoyable for us. She designed and decorated our main and upper levels. While at times I just couldn't see the end result... we were assured everything would look spectacular. And wow did it ever!! The day of the "reveal" we were so impressed and overwhelmed! We can't believe this is our home. Thanks to Catherine and the Royal Interior Design team our new house became a spectacular home for us as we begin this new chapter of our lives.

    - Rebecca Carson
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    Catherine is an amazing woman who I guarantee will get the job done. She is a go-getter and her creative passion is unlike any I have seen. Any delay on the project was because of things that could not have been forseen and changes we made ourselves at midpoint. Catherine brought order, functionality, cohesion, and warmth to all our spaces. She blended both my husband and my ideas to give us something we both could agree on. My kids refer to the new house as a "very fancy cottage". You will not go wrong with Catherine. You will be in capable hands and end up loving your space!

    - Silvia
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    Catherine-Lucie Horber is a very talented lady. She is an amazing Interior Decorator and a fabulous Stager. I have recommended her many, many times to my clients and they are all extremely happy with her services. She is also my Interior Decorator and stager for the last 7 years. Her eye for colour, I have to say is the best I have seen. Houses sell for lots more money after Catherine has done the interior decorating. She is also working right now, with a Builder and has decorated their models. Everything has sold in the building, thanks to Catherine. I would recommend her to my fussiest clients. She is definitely the best I have seen in a very long time. She is also, a very hard worker and works until the job is done. When you hire Catherine, believe me, you will have an absolutely beautiful home that people will rave about.

    - Sylvia Morris
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    Catherine captured our vision and made it reality. She beautifully recreated our wish for a Morroccon and Middle Eastern themed loft within our budget and has made it into the most 'lived and loved' room in our home. Bitten by the love bug, we are getting our bedroom and our son's room done by Catherine this year! Thank you!

    - Mala
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    Catherine at Royal Interior Design is absolutely fantastic! I explained to her my vision of what I wanted my new home to look like and she went above and beyond. She decorated our entire home. What I love the most is how every room flows into each other. Prior to using Catherine I had seen her work and absolutely loved her eye for design. We decided to have her choose our hardwood, paint, light fixtures and all the furniture before we moved into our new home. By the time we moved into our new home it looked fabulous and ready to be lived in. She even incorporated things we already had (pictures etc). Catherine helped us to save money on everything and did all the shopping which took the headache away from us when you live such busy lives. She is a true professional and design expert. We love our new home thanks to her. Every dollar spent was worth it!

    - Kerri
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    Catherine Horbe of Royal Interiors worked with what we had to give our home a whole new look. We saw a home she had staged for sale and loved the look. With some new paint colours, light fixtures, carpets, drapes and reupholstering existing furniture she refreshed our whole home. Catherine executed the vision we had but could not on our own. Her estimate of the costs matched the final cost of the project which was executed on time as promised.

    - John
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    First and foremost, we truly can't thank you both enough for how beautiful you've made our home look. I'm so sorry I was at such a loss for words last night. I'm still stumped as I can't find the right words to express to you how grateful and thankful and happy we are. The girls said they are going to try to "save up" to get Ms.Catherine to do their rooms :). You guys went above and beyond your call of duty over all. And I was so touched by all the heart, and hard work and effort you both put in yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Truly from the bottom of our hearts.

    We had quite a few people stroll through here this morning and I know the referrals will be coming based on your exemplary work, and mostly based on the how kind and sweet you both are in doing the work that you do. Xo

    Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will have to have you guys over to celebrate!!!

    - VJ & Anita Shetty
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    We contracted Catherine after viewing some of her projects online and needless to say we were not disappointed! After a brief consultation to discover what style we wanted she followed up by creating a clear plan of how she wanted to decorate our house and the end results were stunning.

    She hit all the criteria you would want in a decorator:

    1) Fantastic communicator. Whenever we had questions she would respond quickly and clearly. I also appreciated her honestly. She wouldn't hesitate to persuade you in a different direction if something didn't make sense or wouldn't work.

    2) On budget!!!

    3) On time. Our project was completed exactly within her estimates, no surprises. When one of our items was back ordered she let us know and quickly found alternatives.

    4) Beautiful, the completed work looked fantastic, we're so proud of our new spaces.

    I would strongly recommend Royal Interior Designs to anyone. A big thank you to Catherine and her team, I know we could have never done it ourselves! You can bet all future work will exclusively be through her team.

    - Travis and Amy
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    I hired Royal interiors Designs to decorate my foyer, living room, kitchen and powder room. Catherine did an amazing job!! I'm still in Aww!! Each time I walk in each room I'm still in Wow! Catherine knew what we wanted! She's a goddess! It was hard for me at the beginning to give her total control, because I like to be hands on. But, after speaking with her and seeing her vision she put my mind at ease.

    You won't be disappointed if you choose Royal Interiors Design, you will be good hands!! Catherine, thank you, thank you!!! I cannot wait for her to do my dinning room in a few months.

    - sdouglas7
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    Catherine is simply the best in her business and a wonderful lady! I first saw Catherine's work online and I was simply blown away and in love with her style! We decided to have Catherine come to our home for a consultation and we are very glad that we did! She made our home look like a show home! Thank you Catherine! We can't wait to have you start on our next projects.

    - Lisa Boughner
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    We used Catherine to decorate our main floor, master bedroom and basement rec room. Working with Catherine was a great experience. She offered many ideas and listened to our likes and dislikes to develop a design plan for us. The end result was a home that we are happy to show off. The house looks polished and we continue to get compliments from our guests, who say it looks like a home you would find in a magazine. The project was in-line with our original budget and I would highly recommend Catherine!

    - Erin G
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    We used Catherine to decorate all of our rooms on our main floor and our 1 & 1/2 year old daughter's bedroom and have nothing but positive comments to make regarding the outcome of the designs and the overall work experience. She listened to what we were trying to accomplish, asked great questions to understand our needs, and has truly impressed us with her creative ideas. She also has great resources and always respected our budget. The rooms are much more beautiful than we imagined they would be and we are thrilled with the results. We especially loved how Catherine gently nudged us out of our comfort zone. From the 3D wall in our family room to our daughter's storybook princess room the amounts of compliments we receive are endless.
    Catherine has a keen eye for colour, vision and concept.
    Trust her - She is the best!

    - Shafina & Shafiq
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    Catherine performed a design makeover for our family room and kitchen area. She is very experienced and provided us with some great ideas on the look and layout. She was patient and easy to deal with. She was also flexible and worked within our budget. We loved the final look of our two rooms and we couldn't have done it without her!

    - lpmital
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    Carherine helped us completely redecorate our main floor. She worked with us to choose paint colours, rug sizes and styles, light fixtures, window treatments, art work and all the furniture and accessories. Even though we knew all the pieces we had chosen once it was all in place we were THRILLED and shocked at the change! Very professional and beautiful work. I would recommend Royal Interior Design to anyone.

    - abbyb007
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    Catherine and her team at Royal Interior Design were amazing to work with. Catherine was very patient and always listening and incorporating all of our ideas. My kids couldn't be happier with the vision she brought to life in their bedrooms. They actually like making their beds! The family room is grand, yet welcoming and cozy. Our dining room is stunning with the bright pop of colour throughout. We were extremely pleased and have asked her to continue with other rooms in the house. Royal Interior Design is sure to please, regardless of your budget.

    - richagg247