Catherine-Lucie Horber, founder & Principal of Royal Interior Design ltd, has worked on perfecting her clients’ experience during the Renovating and Decorating process for over a decade. Royal Interior Design Ltd. is very unique in what it can offer its clients. It is a one of kind “ONE STOP SHOP” of the renovating & decorating world.

To have all the finishes at the client’s fingertips enables them to touch, see and make better decisions on color, style and textures when all materials are beside each other as opposed to having to visit multiple stores during the decorating process of a Renovation or Decoration project.

The firm’s Showroom Centre provides a multitude of samples in so many areas. Hand picked by our Experienced Decorator Catherine-Lucie Horber, there are a multitude of options for clients to choose from and it is with great pleasure that we take our clients through a world of possibilities or their home!

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Decor Area Sample Options:
Window coverings, Roller shades & Drapery Fabrics, Upholstery, Furniture, Lighting, Trim Work, Built-in cabinetry.

Renovation Sample Options:
Full Kitchen & Bathrooms, door profiles, handles, hardwood, laminate, carpet flooring, area rugs, mosaic tiles for backsplashes, shower inserts, porcelain flooring tiles, marble and other stone features, quartz countertop samples of multiple manufacturers etc..

Cabinet Interior Design by  Royal Interior Design Ltd.Cabinet Design
Living Space Interior Design by Royal Interior Design Ltd.Living Space 
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