Create Multifunctional Areas in Open Spaces

Royal Interior Design Ltd.

Create Multifunctional Areas in Open Spaces

Basements are usually the space where the entire family congregates to either lounge, play or have fun. It is usually an open space that needs to suit the needs of multiple ages, interests and functions how to separate them? While keeping it nice and cohesive especially when the little ones have sooooo many toys!

Here, we used the back of our client's sectional as a definition separating the "Adult" area and the "Kids" area. Behind the sofas, a console table with bar stools is perfect for little ones to eat and snack with their dirty fingers and not mess up the adult area.
A big kids table and chairs is perfect for drawing, crafts, puzzles and playing games. And two big iron shelves filled with heavy duty rustic wicker baskets are perfect to hide all of the kids' toys.

In big, open spaces the key to accommodating multiple ages or functions is to find a way to define each area with a clear intended purpose so that visually, even if it's all open, the separate areas are clear to the eye.