Never too many pillows!

Royal Interior Design Ltd.

Never Too Many Pillows

Pillows, Pillows, yes I love pillows!

Anyone who has worked with me, knows that one of my signature traits is definitely the use of different pillows in my spaces. I like using them for many reasons :

  • They help pull a design scheme together. What makes a room stand out is the mixture of different textures, colours and patterns all working together as a whole to create interest. Pillows are a great contributing factor to that effect.
    In a design scheme in which a few colours are introduced what better way to tie it together or accent it with the use of pillows of each colour or patterns.
  • Pairing or using uneven numbers there are different ways you can position your pillows on a sofa or a chair, you can pair them or use uneven numbers depending on your preference or amount of space you have.
  • You can use a balanced or an asymmetrical approach - I find that my brain and creative eye seems to often gravitate towards a more symmetrical balanced design, but there are many other ways pillows can be placed. An unbalanced asymmetrical pillow usage in quantity or colour can also make an interesting, eclectic statement.
  • Use of multiple sizes: you can also play with the different sizes of the pillows. They can be all the same size or slightly different or a gradation or even shapes etc.. I tend to like to start big then medium and small, the smaller sizes usually being a rectangle 12x24 if there is enough room to put 3 per side or I may use the rectangle in the middle. It depends if it is for a bed or a sofa.

There are many ways pillows can be used. Embrace its many possibilities, but do not stay away from using them as they make a big difference into the decor. It is softer, warmer, more interesting and inviting!