Go all the way with your powder rooms!

Royal Interior Design Ltd.

Go All the Way With Your Powder Rooms

It is often believed that smaller rooms should not be too busy not to make the room look smaller... In the case of powder rooms however, I often tend to go the opposite direction. I find that because they are small, they are actually a great opportunity to have Fun with them, to be daring and Bold, whimsical or make a statement.

Dare to have fun with your powder room! You almost can't go wrong... In this example I completely indulged in a beautiful polished nickel and crystal pendant light, elegant two tone damask wallpaper, beadboard Moulding at bottom all around, crown Moulding, an ornate Victorian style mirror, a bold black and white pattern mosaic as floor tiles, mirrored vanity etc everything bold, glam that can make a statement were combined to form this French inspired elegant powder room.

Try changing a few things in your powder room and see where it takes you.

Don't be afraid to go all the way!